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Signs of the Times #1093
Image of the Portuguese Coast [Aug 31] ‘International the Space Station, for the North American astronauts, thousand of photographs of the Portuguese coast, ... next to Lisbon, more properly in the deep of the ocean,... the existence of a formation extremely anómala, apparently of geologic origin. This formation is recent ... a time at the last glaciation that raised the level of the oceans, thousand of years. ... Perfectly made by one objecto of great dimensions and weighing thousand of tons. Here it is one of the images caught for a satellite of the North American Air Force, equipped with radar and equipment infra-red ray.’ [and from another source] Atlantis was land near the current continent of Europe, which was pulled into the Atlantic during the continental rip that accompanies violent pole shifts and thus disappeared dramatically under the sea. This demise was assisted by extraterrestrials, who took advantage of the natural cataclysm to adjust the balance in spiritual orientation influencing developing human spirits, in line with a determination by the Council of Worlds that such an adjustment was needed. Atlantis had been essentially invaded by the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, who prior to the quarantine that is now in effect were considered simply another hominoid race within your Solar System. Interactions between humans and these hominoids were allowed to proceed without interference, but increasing slavery of humans by these giant hominoids was tripping the balance so that humans were less and less free to choose their orientation based on their true feelings and increasingly influenced by feelings of helplessness. Thus, an adjustment was required. [Note: per the Zetas, Atlantis was off Europe in the Atlantic, not the Carribean, and was deliberately sunk. Zetas RIGHT Again!]