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Signs of the Times #1020
Sky Lights Up For NZ Post Pilots [Aug 3] There have been sightings of a meteor streaking its way across the upper South Island and lower North Island. Pilots describe seeing a bright white and green light that lit up the cockpit as if it were daylight. The meteor had crashed into the sea somewhere off the east coast of the lower North Island. [and from another source] A huge fireball lit up the night sky over Cardiff in Wales UK on Friday night. [Jul 31] Four hours later, at 2:45 am Saturday 31st July 2004 a second object impacted a remote hillside near Cwmaman in Aberdere, Wales. Witnesses say the impact lit up the sky and a huge explosion shook all the houses in the area. Three fires were seen burning on the hillside and it was soon covered with police and firemen with torches. Despite an obvious large presence of the local authorities who cordoned off the area, subsequent enquiries to the police and the fire brigade have been met with denial of any events that night. Police claim that there is no record on their computer of anything happening that night. The mystery deepens. [Note: cover-up increasing as Earth changes increase, the worse it gets, the less we hear, as Predicted by the Zetas.].