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On Feb 1, 2003 in explanation of the Columbia Shuttle disaster, the Zetas stated that the shuttle had been taken down by aliens, on instructions from the Council of Worlds.

A decision was made by the Council of Worlds, and the directive carried out by those visitors who carried their concerns to the Council. Those astronauts who go on missions know the dangers, the shuttle having blown up previously due to a faulty O-Ring. Thus, they had made their peace with death, to a one. The message of the disintegrating and finally exploding shuttle was to the Bush Administration, who will not fail to get the message.
ZetaTalk: Columbia, written Feb 1, 2003

NASA announced it was due to faulty insulation tiles, a matter not considered serious during previous flights nor considered serious when some tiles were blown off during blast-off, but the only excuse available. Rumors circulated thereafter about an amateur video of Columbia's entry, showing a strike of the shuttle as it descended, but no video or photos became available until 2006.

Columbia Disaster Revisited
March 31, 2006
On February 23, 2005 our topic was, "Space Shuttle Struck by Megalightning?" The accompanying picture shows the plasma trail of the shuttle Columbia on reentry about 63 kilometers above the earth, and it seems to show an electric discharge striking the shuttle's plasma trail. For anyone knowledgeable on the upper atmospheric electrical environment of the Earth the question raised is all too obvious. Could this discharge have caused the disastrous breakup of the shuttle, leading to the death of the seven astronauts? Shortly after we posted the story, the amateur astronomer who had taken the picture contacted us. He insisted that we remove the photograph. So we did. Now we are returning the image to our published files because it is not in the public interest that the image be ignored or forgotten--the fate of so many uncomfortable images in the space sciences. … One might have expected this image to catch the attention of media around the world. But before that could happen, both the camera and the photograph were examined by NASA scientists. Most shocking was the explanation given by experts who analyzed the photograph. They said that the luminous corkscrew trail was an "artifact" caused by a camera wobble. The explanation left critics aghast, since the Columbia trail in the photo is crisp with no evidence of camera movement. The Columbia trail brightens precisely at its juncture with the corkscrew trail. This brightening is an electrically predictable occurrence when two plasma channels merge.

Then the 2006 photo proving the Zetas right again had to be removed copyright threat.

To The Owner of Website:

It has recently been brought to my attention that your website contains and presents a photograph of mine. I refer to the so-called "lightning bolt" 
photograph of the Columbia Shuttle re-entry taken in San Francisco on Feb 1, 2003.

As stated, the photograph is my property and is protected under copyright law of the United States. Your display and transmission of this image 
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The image is currently located on this URL:

Peter Goldie, Ph.D.

But in 2013, a video came available, which includes NASA footage and discussion during the event.