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On Sep 15, 1999 ZetaTalk stated that tornadoes would start to appear in places not used to tornadoes.

Massive tornadoes such as recently tore through Oklahoma will not go away, but will be on the increase and will occur in places that do not experience such tornadoes.
ZetaTalk: Next 3 1/2 Years, written Sep 15, 1999

By Aug 24, 2006, the fact that Tornado Alley in the US had moved several states to the North was apparent. By the 2007 season, tornado blitzes had moved up into Manitoba. In 2009 a freak tornado stuck Argentina, a region not previously experiencing tornadoes.

Signs of the Times #1634
[Aug 24, 2006] The biggest of the twisters was up to 1/2 mile across and was on the ground for 8 to 10 miles. Many structures were reportedly flattened to the foundation. Here's a pic of the 1/2 mile wide one. [and from another] Earlier in the day, the story the hail up to 6" thick. Strong updrafts which keep such massive hail aloft is exactly the conditions that fostered the tornadic activity later. Baseball sized hail. Bigger than baseballs with numerous reports of small craters being left in the ground. [and from another] Forecasters issue tornado warning in New York [Aug 25] The possibility is very real, according to weather forecasters, who've issued a tornado warning this morning for parts of New York City and nearby New Jersey. National Weather Service radar indicated a severe thunderstorm that's capable of producing a tornado near Ridgefield, New Jersey. [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again! Tornado alley has moved several states North.]
Illinois Sets Tornado Record
Dec 15, 2006, 06:10
A record 126 tornadoes spun through Illinois in 2006, breaking a state record set three years ago and dwarfing the 19 tornadoes that hit the Land of Lincoln last year. But the National Weather Service isn't ready to close the books just yet.
Via Email: Manitoba had tornadoes this week. It's seemed we are beginning to see what's happening into US, migrating to North. People there, says they never seen something like this.
More Tornadoes Hit Southern Manitoba
June 24, 2007
Environment Canada is looking into reports that more tornadoes swept through southern Manitoba, a day after fierce twisters caused heavy damage in the town of Elie, west of Winnipeg. Twisters were spotted Saturday evening near Pipestone, Minto, the Canupawakpa First Nation and an area between Hartney and Deloraine. The twister that lifted four sturdy homes off their foundations was an F-4 on the Fujita scale - F-4 and F-5 being the most powerful. It was likely churning at between about 330 and 420 km/h.
Freak 'tornado' kills 16 in Argentina, Brazil
Sept 8, 2009
A violent storm described as a freak "tornado" shredded hundreds of houses and killed at least 16 people in the southern part of South America. Northern Argentina and southern Brazil, and the small countries of Uruguay and Paraguay wedged between them, were hit by a fierce atmospheric mass packing rain, hail and winds over 120 kilometers (70 miles) per hour. Witnesses and local media described the storm as a tornado.
Argentina Tornado Kills 10, Injures About 50
September 8, 2009
The tornado, which destroyed houses and knocked over trees, touched ground last night in San Pedro, a city on the border with Brazil, 240 kilometers (150 miles) northeast of Posadas, the capital of Misiones.