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On Sep 23, 2006 and again on Oct 28, 2006, ZetaTalk predicted that no vote fraud would occur during the 2006 elections because the Puppet Master was determined to counter this. The Bush administration obviously expected vote fraud to succeed, as despite polls showing that Republicans were turning Democrat, and the vast majority of likely voters determined to vote Democrat, they were adamant that they were going to retain control of both houses of Congress.

Rove has his minions out, of course, with more opportunities as there are more electronic voting stations. The Puppet Master is clearly aware of his tactics, also, and that the stolen identities are going to allow voting tabulators to be altered, by threats of identity theft or just mocking identity for entry, more likely. This has been the plan, and ongoing, for some time, so the Puppet Master is aware of and on top of this scheme. We feel the outcome of voter fraud will be high, with the likelihood of being countered by the Puppet Master even higher.
ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written Sep 23, 2006
The Bush White House is trying to bravely whistle in the dark, re the coming election. They are aware that the Puppet Master is intending to right any wrongs they do re voter fraud, but got away with it in 2004 and Rove has done his best to weave a mess impossible to unravel. However, he does not have ourselves, the Zetas, on his side, and his plans are known by the Puppet Master as soon as conceived. Bush Co has stated they expect to win, had some magazines publish articles to this effect, and are trying to suppress exit polls so the public will buy a fraud if they pull it off.
ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written Oct 28, 2001

When the election occurred, the results were stunning. Both the House and Senate fell into Democratic hands, and the results of the election matched the historically correct exit poll and all the polling that had occurred going into the election. For the first time since 2000, election fraud had not occurred! The Zetas then explained the techniques used!

The exit polls that leaked out in the late afternoon ended up matching the final results almost exactly -- nothing like what happened in those other Bush-era elections. The razor-close races all broke late for the Democrats, unlike Florida in 2000 or Ohio in 2004. And when that happened, there were no major charges of fraud, no "Brooks Brothers Riot," and no demand for a recount.