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On July 14, 2007 the Zetas explained that the announcements by Chertoff and others that terror attacks within the US were expected that summer was due to a plan within the White House to claim terror attack had occurred, when they had not.

Why are Chertoff and the White House promoting the expectation that terrorist attacks will occur in the US? They are clearly planning something, with the anticipation that this time, they will succeed. Since we have stopped literally hundreds of attempts, including dirty bombs in large cities within the US, they know they cannot actually cause a faked terrorist attack. But they can claim it occurred! Or so they think. The answer the White House has come up with is to claim an actual terror attack, complete with government reports and faked evidence to support the claim, and have this much in the news.
ZetaTalk: GodlikProduction Live, written July 14, 2007

On Aug 10, 2007 New York City was under a close watch for a day, at the popular tourist area where Macy's and Empire State Building are located. This was in reaction to unverified reports posted on the Debka website, a website maintained by Israel.

Police Deployed In Response To Unverified Radiological Threat
August 10, 2007
Police, fire and EMT teams have been deployed around the New York City tonight in response to unverified reports of a radiological threat. Authorities stress that the threat is unconfirmed and that the city's terror alert status remained unchanged. Nevertheless, police say that they have deployed a battery of radiological sensors, including vehicle and helicopter-mounted devices, as a precautionary measure. Authorities are also examining vehicles at checkpoints in Lower Manhattan and selected Manhattan entry points.
Douglas J. Hagmann, Director
11 August 2007: An Internet-based threat of the detonation of a radiological device, or a "dirty bomb" in the area of Macy's and the Empire State Building in Manhattan caused an increase of the deployment of radiological sensors on vehicles, boats and helicopters Friday night. Police and federal officials set up vehicle checkpoints in lower Manhattan and at bridges and tunnels, checking for any indication of a conventional bomb laced with radioactive materials. Mayor Bloomberg downplayed the threat, calling it one of many they have experienced without substantiation.

Per the Zetas, the threat went beyond claims, as individuals had been lined up to claim a dirty bomb had actually been found. Similar to an incident in S Carolina which also happened during the vacation month of August.

2 Face Explosives Charges in Traffic Stop, but Feds Dispute Bomb Found
Aug 5, 2007
Two men faced state explosives charges Sunday after police outside Charleston, South Carolina, found what a law enforcement source said was a bomb and bomb-making material in their car during a weekend traffic stop. But federal officials disputed that account, telling CNN that there was no bomb. And FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told CNN, "We have not found a clear link to terrorism." The Charleston County bomb squad responded, and traffic was halted along the road for 10 hours until the materials were detonated, reporter Venton Blandin of CNN affiliate WCIV said. He described the sound of the detonation as "fairly small." Federal law enforcement sources familiar with the case said no bomb was.
The New York City dirty bomb threat was such an attempt. That the announcement of overheard chatter detailing the threat was provided by an Israeli source should not be a surprise, as they were players in this game. What was to happen was an announcement that a dirty bomb had been discovered in a van, with the poor city of New York agast that it came so close to being struck, once again, by terrorists. What went wrong with the plan? As we have stated numerous times, if the though resides in someone's head, we pick it up, as we are telepathic. We advise our human teammates, they advise their human contacts in the federal agencies, and the group planning to make false claims were detained. Once the public had been reassured, and the area searched to no avail, such a false claim could not be made. It would be quickly countered by the teams already in place, checking the areas. Those who were cooperating with the White House, poised to make false announcements, will not be allowed to return to their positions of authority.
ZetaTalk: GodlikProduction Live, written August 11, 2007