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On Aug 6, 2006 the Zetas predicted that during the diagonal pull on the N American continent that will eventually cause earthquakes and adjustments along the New Madrid Fault line, that the land to the west of the Mississippi would drop.This warning was repeated on Mar 3, 2007.

It pulls at a diagonal, ripping the rock fingers along the New Madrid fault such that the land to the East of the Mississippi moves up and to the East, toward New England, and the land to the West of the Mississippi moves down and to the West. This does more than tear most of the bridges along the Mississippi, it weakens the land to the West of the Mississippi, causing it to drop. The land to the East of the Mississippi is rock, the bluffs of Memphis and underlying rock where the Appalachian Mountains curl through Tennessee and Alabama toward the Mississippi river. But the land south of the Ozarks is not solid rock, and when stretched will drop in elevation. This is already occurring.
ZetaTalk: Water Tree, written Aug 6, 2006
The New Madrid is associated with fault lines that run up toward the Great Lakes, Chicago will adjust and rupture, Ohio will be pulled in places, and as we have explained, the land to the West of the Mississippi will sink in places
ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live Chat, written Mar 3, 2007

On Aug 27, 2007 a piling on the I-40 Mississippi bridge at Memphis sank 3-5 inches, on the west side of the Mississippi, the Arkansas side.

Eastbound Span of I-40 Bridge Over Mississippi Reopened
August 27, 2007
Officials closed a major Mississippi River bridge between Tennessee and Arkansas for nine hours Monday after a pier under a small approach span settled several inches overnight. The approach span for the Interstate 40 bridge was still supported by other piers, so the most motorists might have noticed was a slight dip, said Randy Ort, a spokesman for the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. Engineers closed the span just after morning rush hour after finding a pier near the river had settled 31/2 inches. The problem was likely caused by additional, longer pilings being driven to improve the bridge's stability. While crews worked beneath one half of the bridge, the other half was carrying 35,600 vehicles daily. Workers have been improving bridges along I-40 to make them safer in case of earthquakes. The New Madrid fault runs through the area.
I-40 Bridge Shutdown
The Tennessee Department of Transportation shut the bridge down Monday morning after noticing a support beam on the Arkansas side approach bridge sand 3 to 5 inches. Officials believe earthquake retrofitting on the bridge led to vibrations that caused the damage.