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On February 23, 2008 the Zetas predicted that the party elders and superdelegates would arrange for a "sudden death" of Hillary's campaign at some point.

Hillary, and in particular Bill, will not go quietly, but the drama will occur mostly behind the scenes. As has been noted, most of the superdelegates have not endorsed. Hillary and Bill want to go to the convention and haggle until they get their way - wear the delegates down. They have been doing this behind the scenes already. The Clintons will be threatened with massive public action against them unless they concede. The threat will include having almost all the superdelegates and certainly the major players such as Pelosi and Gore endorse Obama, en masse. This would be a supreme embarrassment to the Clintons, forcing them to crawl forward with a demoralized campaign and facing ridicule in the press. The alternative would be to have Hillary concede.
ZetaTalk Clinton's Revenge, written February 23, 2008

The Zetas explained that the need for a "sudden death" was due to the Clinton's propensity for vengeance on anyone who was perceived to have done them wrong.

What is holding the superdelegates back from frankly endorsing Obama? Fear of Clinton rage, which has shown itself recently when Richardson endorsed Obama and when Speaker of the House Pelosi dared to suggest that the will of the people should prevail. Pelosi was threatened by Clinton's principal backers, who in essence stated that their money should call the shots. The party elders have decided on a path that will limit the Clinton rage. The Clintons are expected to hold to their argument that Hillary wins among Democrats in the big blue states, and insist that Michigan and Florida be allowed to be seated as is from the January illicit primaries. It is then that the boom will be lowered. The party elders, including Pelosi, Al Gore, and Howard Dean are aware of which direction the supposedly undecided superdelegates are leaning. Pelosi, as head of the House, listens to their hand-wringing all the time, and as the chair of the upcoming Denver convention gets phone calls from superdelegates not in Washingon DC. She has the counts, and has advised those worried about the Clinton wrath to hold off so they can all endorse as a block. When it is clear that Obama has won more states, won more pledged delegates, and won more of the popular vote, then the superdelegates as a block will put him over the top. This will be sudden death for the Clinton ambitions.
ZetaTalk Sudden Death, written March 29, 2008

A sudden surge of super delegates did indeed occur at the end of the primary season, despite the fact that Hillary had amazing victories in West Virginia and Kentucky at the end. The superdelegates came out in droves, putting Obama suddenly 200 or more superdelegates ahead of Hillary.

Clinton Ending Candidacy, Supporting Obama
June 5, 2008
Her path to the nomination inevitable no more, Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to announce she is ending her groundbreaking candidacy and supporting Barack Obama, her rival in a presidential quest for the ages. Clinton prepared to declare Saturday that she is backing the Illinois senator after Democratic congressional colleagues made clear they had no stomach for a protracted intraparty battle once Obama secured the 2,118 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination. A presidential contender who announced 17 months ago that she was "in it to win it," the former first lady plans to end her quest with a more humble plea for party unity. In truth, she had little choice. Hours after Obama sealed the nomination, Democrats coalesced around his candidacy, sending a strong signal to Clinton that it was time to bow out. The announcement closed an epic five-month nominating battle pitting the first serious female candidate against the most viable black contender ever.

Later, it was admitted that the Clintons were unforgiving in their treatment of anyone judged to be working against them.

Those Loyal to the Clintons take Note of those who were Not
June 11, 2008
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was gracious in her full-throated endorsement of Senator Barack Obama. But that does not mean all is forgiven by others in the Clinton universe. As the Obama bandwagon has swelled, so have the lists of people Clinton loyalists regard as some variation of "ingrate," "traitor" or "enemy," according to the associates and campaign officials. These are people who should know better than to ask the former president or first lady for a job recommendation for a son-in-law. While Hillary Clinton has a short list of people who disappointed her, Bill Clinton, who reportedly has an encyclopedic memory of all the people he has helped, employed or appointed over the years, apparently has a far longer one.