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ZetaTalk: After the Cataclysm
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Each human life lives out its term, with the entity incarnated growing with the opportunities presented, or shrinking from them. Those humans remaining alive after the pole shift will reform into small groups, leaning toward this orientation or another, Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self, or being composed of the same mix that human society has today. Where the trauma of the cataclysms will have been great, those who undergo a natural cataclysm often find this easier to accept than the steady grind of manmade hardships. For the vast majority of those killed during the cataclysms, death will have been so quick as to be unexpected and unfelt. No anxiety and no pain. This knowledge will assuage the grief of the survivors. After the cataclysms the hardships will not be unlike those experienced by humanity during prior centuries, where severe weather or drought or disease created hardship for the populace. It is only recently that human society, in the developed world, has come to expect that life should be otherwise.

Note: below added during the July 27, 2002 Live Zetatalk IRC Session.

The US government will be diminished, as will all governments, to a very small locale. Someone landing on the planet 5 years after the shift would be hard pressed to even find their enclave, and this will be true of Australia, Russia, and China. The enclaves will be locale, within walking distance only, yet will be filled with the arrogance of continuing power, such plans. Like the Pope and his entourage, a small group convinced the world is waiting for them, ready to follow, a myth that will be a shock to them when they spread out and find no one cares nor listens.

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