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ZetaTalk: Lack of Leadership
Note: written August 26, 2001

The populace has increasingly become aware that changes in the weather patterns, which affect storms and the ability of a country to harvest crops, are not temporary swings but moving in a direction, with no end in sight. The inability of their leaders to do anything other than huddle and discuss global warming corrections has stunned those who naively look to their government or church or international corporate giants for rescue. Can nothing be done? And where will this end? Contradictions such as the reluctance of the US to join the Kyoto Agreement on global warming and chirpy talk of economic recoveries in the face of a worldwide recession have likewise left the populace hollow. Is no one addressing the issues? Is there no intelligent hand at the helm? There are thresholds in the cooperation the populace grants their leaders, who most often are not chosen by the populace but foisted upon them, even in democracies where the leadership is chosen by election.

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