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ZetaTalk: Stumble
Note: written during the Sep 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We allowed Nancy to answer the question about the Beatles according to her understanding of the question, to demonstrate the limits of the vehicle. In fact, if she is not on the same page, understanding the setting, understanding the context of the question, she cannot put words to our concepts correctly. This is akin to a Greek translator being asked to interpret French. Hearing English, the Greek translator interprets correctly. Hearing French, almost any idea may pop into the head of the translator, and the answer following down wrong paths accordingly. It does matter what is in the translators head, such that an Aboriginal hearing an English mathematician describe the orbits of the planets would explain this to the tribe in a manner the Englishman would find absurd. Likewise, the Englishman hearing the Aboriginal describe migrations of the wildlife, and the reasons for variations, would leave the Aboriginal bent over in laughter. There are, in fact, words missing from one language, inherent in another, due to these concept synching problems.

Thus, in the past, when Nancy was asked to speak in math, and did so poorly, this demonstrated our refusal, and hers, to do this. This has for a long time been the rule, and the public forgets. Thus, choosing a silly subject, the Beatles, unimportant in the main line issues of today, we allowed this to proceed. Nancy is not a Beatle fan, never has been, and thus hears these names only in the distance on the news, in the background. She was aware of a recent death, cancer, someone who did good work around the globe and was beloved, and assumed this to be the person asked about, especially in the Context of being protected by Service-to-Other aliens due to the human's mission. We do not expect this to be believed, but for those looking for a reason for this catastrophic blooper, this is it!

Note: Below added during Nov 16, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Early in ZetaTalk, there was high alarm that we, the Zetas, were out there in the world telling all, telling the truth, and gripping the public with the scope and depth of Nancy's postings that we were fast gaining international aclaim. We have stated before, that depending upon the success of ZetaTalk, as perceived by the establishement, push-back occurs. If Nancy is viewed as being perceived as accurate, believable, then a hundred times more disinfo sites and agents would be sent forth to counter this than have actually been dispatched. Thus, it is a clever maneuver, on our part, and with Nancy's cooperation, to do a Columbo, act befuddled, appear to make a slip, on occasion. These slips are carefully placed so as to placate the establishment, but not confuse the readership who is reading with broad interest, and looking at the overall trends. The establishement is in general either wealthy, used to wielding power only because of their wealth, or those in power who rely on the wealthy. Thus, for an aging woman, who has worked all her life and must work to eat on a weekly basis, to have an impact in the world is inconcievable to them

Early in the game the Hale-Bopp ploy was used, and in truth Nancy was under the impression until late in the game that there was no comet! Our words, as recorded by Nancy, however, told a different story. We relayed that Hale-Bopp in 1995, within a month after Hale-Bopp was announced, was not a comet, but a nova, and the ESO confirmed this in the Fall of 1995. After that, as JPL and NASA dotted an orbit across the sky, where no comet was tracking, to meet the plotted orbit of a real comet the NEAT program that watches dark asteroids had detected, we reported these orbit aberations. The orbit of Hale-Bopp plotted by JPL leap away from Jupiter upon passage, perturbed away, and all of this per reports by JPL of actual and recent sightings! The group wanting to have the public look in the opposite direction of Orion was placated, however, as Nancy steadfastly maintained, in NancyTalk, that there was no Hale-Bopp comet. Then in 1996, we slipped in a warning in ZetaTalk that they were lining the false/fake orbit up with the orbit of a real comet, and when this emerged in 1997, we, the Zetas, were not wrong. Nancy was a bit miffed at having been used in this manner, but the benefit soon dawned upon her.
Magnitude 2.0
In like manner, in the early days of Planet X sightings, we laid out trip points to placate the establishement. It was a Mag 2, and at the time when ZetaTalk was building international acclaim due to its utter accuracy on all other issues, this simple point placated NASA and the arrogant elite. And how would Nancy and ZetaTalk ever recover from this? They presumed this a fatal error. When the sightings began in early 2001, this was the cry, the Magnitude issue, and our explanations that our eyes could see it and our equipment register it as a Mag 2 deemed inadequate. However, like a giant mushroom growing in the dark, ZetaTalk grew, internationally, and in the underground of the Internet. Nancy's appearances on radio or TV or in articles were considered no more threatening than other New Age claimants, but the readership caught the truth and relevance of our words and checked into the web site.
Even Nancy's poverty level is a ploy, though real, in that the Hazlewood plot was to assocate Nancy with money scams, which she avoided by working and being broke, as she has been most of her life. The establishment was placated at their loss of taking her down in this manner because she was broke, and struggling, and none of them could immagine having an impact in the world from such a position. Now, going into the final months, the establishment will be so overwhelmed that they care not, will go into increasing isolation, into their bunkers, at least into a bunker mentality, and Nancy and ZetaTalk the least of their worries.
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