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ZetaTalk: Vapid Media
Note: written during the Jan 18, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Increasingly, the public, worldwide, is suspecting that their government, their media, is not telling them the truth. This has always been the case in closely monitored countries, but even there the underground would relay information that would make sense, relate to other pieces of information, and thus could be trusted. Now, however, the underground is carrying information from other, supposedly free countries, that does not make sense. Thus, this suspicion, this unease, is worldwide. What country, anywhere, is reporting and dealing with rising seas, disappearing islands, melting poles, melting glaciers, and high tides? Even when unreported in the media, the fact that this is unreported, under reported, is alarming. In the past, such occurrences would be big news, now ignored!

What country, anywhere, is reporting the reasons for weather changes? Global Warming is floated out, was floated out, years ago, but the casual manner that the Bush Administration has toward the supposed cause of Global Warming is a sure clue that this is not the reason, and where is the debate among scientists? In the past, such weather extremes, even in a local area, would give rise to nightly news coverage, regular attention from the major powers in the world, but now there is an utter lack of this. This casual attitude toward weather changes that are wrecking economies, destroying crops, flooding countrysides, is a clue that something more horrible is close at hand. In the face of this, in those countries that have what is assumed to be a free press, a media that can dig into problems and expose them, there is chirping good news. All is about to change, an upswing just around the corner, and everyone loves the leadership!

Think about how little it takes to control the media. This is done in closely controlled countries like Saudi Arabia, where the internet gateway is in one city in one facility monitored by one group, so that access can be cut off instantly. Or such as China, which found fax machines traitorous during the Tianaman Square incident, information escaping to the outside world, such is their control over information flow within China. But in supposedly free countries there are few corporate heads that control the TV stations, the Newspapers, the Magazines, and thus the news to the vast majority of the public can be controlled. Pollsters, also, are controllable, taken by many but the results run up by computer and thus, if the results are wrong, the final numbers are simply changed! The Stock Market, where the DOW or similar indexes around the world are calculated supposedly by being run up from the bottom, a composite from the whole, are published by few. Can the public quickly calculate the DOW, based on changes? Does the public have access to what goes into this calculation?

Thus, the public will be lied to until they are so suspicious of the changes about them, the lack of attention, that the lies are counter productive. This occurred with quakes, where the USGS was so out of sync with reports coming from elsewhere that suspicions were raised. Then quakes, en mass, were disappearing from the databases, noticed after the 8+ in Alaska where hundreds of quakes disappeared after having been posted to the database. It takes no more than this to create a climate of suspicion, and this is about to happen with polls, and chirpy economy reports, and inane distractions like Iraq. The public, in all countries, will increasingly demonstrate, often spontaneously, and this will get on the news as it will be in the underground, and if unreported, will create more suspicions. The starving and homeless will become so numerous and evident they will force their way into the news. Earthquake ravaged cities will spring into the news, and while reporting that will reveal more than an earthquake. Thus, the creeping suspicion that Bush does not have the approval rating reported is only the start.

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