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ZetaTalk: Future Visions
Note: written Sep 15, 1995.

Many contactees speak with great emotion of visions they have been given, often of a devastated Earth. These are understood by the contactee to be visions of the future, and many come away confused as to whether the vision is the future or might be the future. We will reiterate here that the future is not written, and such visions are always just possible scenarios. One reason for confusion is that the visions seem so very real. Humans are used to the movies, in the main, where however engrossing the story, told with sight and sound, one is always cognizant of the viewers seated nearby, munching popcorn - a reality check.

When visions are given to contactees it is by a machine to brain method that most closely approximates your new virtual reality devices. All the senses are engaged, in the brain. The contactee is not at all being presented with a reality. They are being presented with a story. Why is this done? Humans are altogether too complacent about the fragility of their world. They merrily pollute and deplete their ecosystem without a thought. They in the main will march into the coming cataclysms with no preparation whatsoever, becoming, all of them, disaster victims who will then look to one another for help. We are simply making these contactees think. Think!

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