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ZetaTalk: Chupacabras
Note: written May 15, 1996.

During former eras when the battle for men's souls raged hot and heavy, those in the Service-to-Self orientation at times tried to tip the balance by loosing their dogs on humans in an attempt to terrify them. Such was the case when dragons and a large bald faced vampire bat were brought to Earth and unleashed upon the hapless population. Not being native to the Earth and hunted to extinction by angry mobs, these episodes were short lived but live on in the legends about dragons and vampires. Such is now the case with the Chupacabras, an ape of low intelligence which feeds on bodily fluids in preference to meat. A few hundred have been loosed on the Earth, approximately the same number as the number of dragons and vampire bats loosed in the past. Today, other than the Chupacabras, there are no living alien dog packs about, and the Chupacabras are dwindling.

As with other scourges, these creatures cannot attack humans unless the human gives permission, but terrified humans who have concluded they are helpless are giving permission by abandoning the fight. What holds the Chupacabras in check, and how can the Council of Worlds allow what appears to be a breach of the Rule of Non-Interference? Where we have stated that the Earth and her future are in the hands of humans, this is exactly why the Chupacabras have appeared - at the request of not just one, but many humans who are closely allied with aliens in the Service-to-Self. In essence, they hope to win a better place in their future home, to land higher in the pecking order than at the very bottom, but the joke will be on them. They are being used, but given the strength and size of their call to the Service- to-Self aliens in attendance, such a situation as the Chupacabras can occur.

However, as the Chupacabras are of alien origin, restrictions still apply. Unless a human gives permission, in essence acquiescing, an attack against a human cannot occur. This ties up considerable Service-to-Self resources, as where the Chupacabras are residing in 3rd Density, their Service-to-Self alien handlers must likewise linger about to reign them in now and then, albeit with a leash invisible to humans. These handlers, most often the alien life form known as Dino, have also been sighted by humans during tense moments when the normal admonishments to leave alien sightings only in the subconscious has taken second place to attending to the athletic Chupacabras. Were it not for these restrictions such ploys would be endlessly used by the Service-to-Self, who have no sense of fair play.

The Chupacabras, when they die, are retrieved and removed, as a terrifying myth loses it's magic when a dead body can be kicked and dissected. But more importantly, a dead Chupacabras would be identified as not of this Earth, potentially, and this removes the Element of Doubt. Thus, the Council of Worlds has ruled that they are not to be left about, for this conclusion to be arrived at, as this would tip the balance of power potentially into the Service-to-Self camps. Like rumors of mass landings, which will not occur nor even be allowed to be staged, by aliens, such dead bodies and the implication of harm coming from alien hands would be greatly used by Service-to-Self aliens. Thus, in keeping the balance of influence equal, between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other, for humans still making their 3rd Density decision, this rule is enforced.

They will eventually disappear, their sightings gradually diminishing, as the Service-to-Self attending Earth have their hands filled with other matters in their losing battle for the Continent of South America. We, the Service-to-Others Zetas are able to tell you about this ruse on the human population, as we are discussing here not the intentions of the Service-to-Self aliens, who have in any case been already sighted by humans, but the actions of the Chupacabras. Thus, we have not breached the Rules of Engagement.

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