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ZetaTalk: Ruined Worlds
Note: written Dec 15, 1999. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Were it not for the convulsions the Earth is about to go through, the coming cataclysms, a mere 100 years in the future the Earth would be dying. Reactions in plants and animals, starting in the very low level plankton and bacteria begin to affect wildlife and domesticated animals, and creep up through the soil and waterways, disrupting things so badly that nature cannot flurish. Where man maintains fields and herds and flocks to sustain human society, this is at its base nature, and where this gets disrupted all is affected. Enzymes that are necessary in order to get crops to come to fruit or to bear, and where these get disrupted, mankind would die rapidly. In an effort to prevent that from happening, mankind is likely to move sharply in the wrong direction, as he has in the past - more fertilizer, more plowing, level the hills and cut the trees - making all the wrong steps and thus creating the dominoe effect more rapidly.

Fully a quarter of all 3rd Density worlds require cleanup during their transformation, having polluted their worlds in this way or having disrupted their ecosystem to the point of devastation, so that by the time of their transformation they are a mess. A full 5% frankly destroy their worlds before their transformation. The ones that do not impact their ecosystems are ones where the intelligent species on them cannot control their ecosystem. Most worlds are water worlds. Creatures that swim and paddle about can't really affect their ecosystems. They are at the mercy of their ecosystems. When 3rd Density worlds are populated by hominoids or land based creatures or for whatever reason they are able to manipulate their environment, they ruin it. This is a factor of intelligence. It's the child in the nuclear armaments. It's the child in the cockpit of the jet plane. It's almost inevitable that it will happen. It's not the exception that mankind is destroying his environment, it's more the rule.

Those who set forth to most aggressively change nature and the ecosystem care not about the outcome. In fact, they get a kick out of making it rough for others, that they can make it rough for others. The fact that this is a horror to others or would cause endless grief and agony and that there might be a great societal push against an action is exactly what the sadistic or power hungry individual finds exciting. They have a surge of a sense of power and control, that they can get away with this and make this happen. There are nuclear tests going on today for no other reason than that they know that the majority of the world is agast. They are negatively impacting the genetic structure of humans that are born in the area. They feel powerful that they can do this, hold life and death in their hands, and they walk about feeling smug.

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