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ZetaTalk: Reddish Cross
Note: written Dec 15, 2000. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Various analogies have been presented to explain the appearance of the 12th Planet in the skies in the weeks just ahead of the shift. We have stated at the turn of the millennium that the 12th Planet appears smaller than Pluto, as it is more distant though larger, and less bright as it is not reflecting the Sun’s light. We have also stated that the 12th Planet will be visible to the common man some 7 weeks prior to the shift [Note: see 2003 Date explanation, although this 7 week prophecy may still be relevant], without the use of telescopes, and that the 12th Planet zooms through the solar system during that time, from one side to the other, in 3 short months, a period of 12 weeks. Thus, it becomes visible when out on the outer edge of the solar system, and will gain in size and brightness as it comes closer. Just what is it that the human eye will see, then, during that 7 week approach?

While out in space, at a distance that precludes much light from reflecting sunlight, the 12th Planet has a dim reddish glow, so small that it can be assumed to be a fading nova far, far away. As the ancients have recorded, the 12th Planet is visible as a cross in the skies, prior to it’s passage between the Sun and the Earth. Why a cross? Many stars assume this shape, with light rays appearing to shoot in four directions, when the human eye gazes at them through the haze of the atmosphere. Of course, the stars themselves do not have such an emanation, and it is the eye and the atmosphere which controls this appearance. Suffice it to say, without elaborate explanation of this phenomenon, that the 12th Planet, like stars or bright lights seen from afar, will take on a four-cornered appearance of a cross, a reddish cross, in the sky. At first, this reddish cross will be a curiosity, to those not in the know about the coming passage. It will be most visible at night, when not diluted by sunlight, and will have many explanations depending upon the culture viewing it’s approach. A warning, a sign, an approaching demon, an approaching angel, or, if the folk are listening to scientists intent upon giving scientific explanations to null the alarm of the populace, all manner of astronomical occurrences. But it grows larger, and brighter, weekly. Ah, but novas do likewise, so this will be the explanation of choice among those distracting and placating a nervous populace. When it becomes apparent that there is motion in this reddish cross, and novas do not move in the skies, there will be no comment from the scientific establishment, but by then it will be almost too late for the public to react.

How large, and how bright, will the cross become? Not as large as the Moon, and also not as bright, as the Moon’s brightness is reflected sunlight from an object very close to the Earth, and the 12th Planet will be some distance until the last days. It is the motion of this object that will most disturb those watching it carefully and thoughtfully, not its size or brightness. This, combined with the almost violent reactions of the earth upon it’s approach. Volcanic activity, earthquakes to the extent than almost constant tremors are experienced, and a heat upon the Earth quite outside of any seasonal variation, will add to the sense that something terrible is upon the Earth, which it is!

Note: below added during the Mar 1, 2003 Live ZeatTalk IRC Session. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

When a reddish complex is seen in the sky, during the 7 weeks before passage [Note: see 2003 Date explanation, although this 7 week prophecy may still be relevant] when this will be visible, mankind will be in the main distracted by so many problems they will hardly notice. At first, they will assume this to be a comet or something innocent, as it will be small, barely visible due to size. As it moves toward being visible in the daytime, when more are awake, or during the evening when many relax in the moments before sleep, gazing at the sky, they will start to wonder. At this time, for the unaware, there will have been increasing earthquakes, increasingly erratic weather such that all are wondering whether crops planted will harvest or starvation will afflict them. Stories in the news will be about crashed cities, broken bridges, derailed trains, and flooded rivers washing towns away. The economy, now so devastated that all employed workers, even those who assumed their jobs for life, are holding their breath as the choice of their employers is to either declare the company bankrupt or to lay more employed off.

These worries are more immediate, so until the very weeks before the shift, when the reddish complex is so huge that it cannot be missed even if one is not prone to looking at the sky, that any thought will be given to it by the average human struggling with many worries, on Earth. It is when the earth stops rotation, a week before the shift, that all this will correlate, and humans not going insane or in hard denial will talk among themselves. It is then that prophecy will be relayed, from human to human as many forms of electronic communication will be malfunctioning to worthlessness. Thus, except for those aware of the times, aware of the prophecies and the news, with insight into the lies the media is telling, primarily by not reporting the news the public will be oblivious of the reddish cross in the skies, until the very end!

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