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Planet X: SLOWING Rotation 1

In Article <NmcS6.4620$> David Tholen wrote:
> Nancy Lieder writes:
>> The US Navy sets the clocks of the world, synching
>> computers worldwide in the wee hours of the mornings
>> so that a gradual slowing is disguised. ...
>> would only result in a later dawn, the sun at high noon
>> a bit off center, a longer sunset - all hard for folks to
>> notice as the Sun does not wink on or off at a precise
>> SECOND, dawn and sunset are gradual.
> Incorrect; go outside at midnight on December 21 of
> each of those years and note the position of the
> constellation Orion.  Such an amount of slowing
> would be OBVIOUS to even you.

You gave me pause there for a moment, Dave, but I think the Zetas have a
proper response to this.

    Oh, the populace could go out on December 21st and
    find Orion in the proper position, this is not the issue.
    The issue is that December 21st would have MOVED
    to be LATER than if all the clocks were ticking along
    as designed, 24 hours a day, and leap seconds only
    inserted every few decades. Where the master clock is
    in the hands of the US Navy, which has been in the
    center of the secrecy over Planet X and related matters
    for almost half a century, this is not a difficult feat.

    ALL computers in the world, ultimately, sync with the
    US Navy master clock, most by dialing in during the
    night and adjusting.  A second here, a second there,
    and it is always assumed to be the peripheral computers
    that are off, a bit, when an adjustment is made!  Unless
    an individual is astute, and notices the increased
    adjustments required to their watches and clocks, they
    assume THEY are the problem, not the master clocks
    that run the world.

And a quote from an astute individual who DID notice :-)

    When daylight savings time ended on the 26 Oct 97,
    while changing my clocks, I suddenly realized, that
    my digital clocks are now running about 1 minute
    faster over a 6 month period of time as compared to
    4-5 years ago. One of my watches I have had almost
    10 years. For the first 5 years it was about 20 to 30
    sec fast each six months now it’s 1 min 33 sec fast
    over the last six months. But then my second watch
    is showing the same extra additional approximately
    1 min fast. I began to question could a battery operated
    digital quartz watch run faster with time (which I
    doubt), was this a battery worn out phonemena
    (didn’t happen in the past years) or was I beginning
    to measure the gradual slowing of the planet. I began
    to think back for the last few years, - remembered
    each year the majority of my clocks were running fast.

Ah, but the MOON, now there's a clock we can count on!  Refuses to be
tweaked!  Perhaps if NASA were to set little jets on its frontside, and
PUSH, it would slow down on command.  That rebel Moon!