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Planet X: PRIOR Pole Shifts, 3 BACK

3 BACK, 10,800 Years Ago

Physical Evidence

 1. The lodgepole pine forest suddenly died 10,900 years ago.
    “The weather here changed so fast and so severely that the
    forest of the lodgepole pine that had succeeded Ice Age
    glaciers died in a blink.”
        Seattle Times, September 10, 1996

 2. The heyday of the woolly mammoth was the Pleistocene
    Epoch, stretching from 1.8 million years ago to the end
    of the last ice age 11,000 years ago. Mammoths thrived
    particularly well in Siberia, where dry grasslands once
    stretched for hundreds of miles, supporting a vibrant
    ecosystem of mammoths, bison, and other jumbo
    herbivores. .. The mammoth fossils on Wrangel Island
    are the youngest that have ever been found. It was there,
    apparently, that mammoths made their last stand.
    They died out only 3,800 years ago.
        Discovery magazine, April 1999

 3. The discovery of a forest 11,000 years old buried intact
    in Michigan, with tree tops poking through the sand, has
    raised alarm about the possible speed of global warming.
    The five-acre forest of hundreds of spruce, just over ten
    miles from the shore of Lake Superior, was covered with
    sand and water when a nearby glacier melted at the end
    of the Ice Age. What has shocked scientists is that
    analysis of the tree-rings shows that the climate warmed so
    rapidly that it left no mark on the normal growth of the
    trees before they were flooded.
        Fox News, Feb 35, 2000

    The flood occurred in conjunction with the periodic
    visits of [Planet X], which swings through the
    Earth's Solar System causing cataclysmic Earth
    changes such as pole shifts. The Flood occurred
    three pole shifts back, approximately eleven
    millennia ago. The shift prior to that had been slight,
    so that melting of the poles was slow and incomplete.
    Ordinarily each pole shift places the old poles in a
    position where they will quickly melt, facing the Sun.
    The pole shift ahead of the one causing the flood only
    moved the old poles slightly, so much of the ice was
    still remaining. Poles over land have constant runoff
    when they melt, and settle as the weight of ice presses
    down, but poles over oceans melt more from the
    bottom up, leaving caverns of ice honeycombed
    within as the water can support ice of odd shapes.
    Thus a vast body of thin ice stretched out over the
    southern ocean, over the location of the old pole.
    When the comet caused massive Earth movements
    this ice sheet fractured and fell into the water,
    causing a huge displacement and resulting massive
    wave. This wave was the flood, of legend worldwide.
        ZetaTalk™, The Flood