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Re: Planet X: Visible SIZE, Estimate

I note there was no discussion on the MATH for this thread on sci.astro,
just the usual crowd hooting the usual insults. Still hoping to get an
actual comment on these size estimates on sci.astro, fool that I am. I
had previously posted, in trying to estimate the size on Sep 15, 2002:

> If the Planet X body itself would appear about 1/4 the
> size of the Moon when approaching passage, and
> if the swirl of its moons and the surrounding dust
> cloud gives it a size approaching the size of the Moon.

For JUPITER comparison:
> And thus, using Jim's calculations, on Aug 7, 2002
> (apx this time) it would be 1/139 the size of Jupiter,
> but due to the swirl, etc. it would be 4/139, or
> approximately 3% the size of Jupiter for Sep, 2002
> viewing.

And new info from friend Jim:

For PLUTO comparison
    Earth is about 5.6 times Pluto's size.
    Planet X is about 4 times Earth's size.
    Planet X is 5.6 X 4 = 22.4 times size of Pluto.
    Pluto is about 3.7 billion mi. from Earth
    Planet X is about 22.4 billion mi. from Earth.
    22.4/3.7 = 6 times as far away as Pluto.

    22.4 times size of Pluto/6 times as far equals 3.7
    Planet X, on Sept 15, 2002 should be about 3.7
    times the size of Pluto!

For URANUS comparison
    Uranus should be almost exactly the size of
    Planet X (4X diameter earth)
    Uranus = 1.8 billion mi. from Earth
    Planet X  = 22.4 billion mi. from Earth
    (extrapolating from Robert's Table of Distances)

    22.4/1.8 = 12.4 (Planet X should be about 1/12
    size of Uranus on Sep 15, 2002


    Assuming the viewable swirl of red dust and moon
    being 4 times the Planet X body size, the swirl
    would be, on Sep 15, 2002:

    3% the size of Jupiter
    33% the size of Uranus
    15 times the size of Pluto