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ZetaTalk: Over the Eons
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

We, the Service-to-Others Zetas, have been involved with humans long before recorded history. Therefore let us refer to what humans call carbon dating, the capture of carbon atoms in an organic remnant that shows the presumed age of the remnant. The theory goes, since carbon in the natural free state in the atmosphere has such a ratio of characteristics, and the carbon in the organic remnant has a different ratio of characteristics, then the remnant has aged. In general this theory is correct, but in practical fact is too flawed to pinpoint with accuracy the exact millennium, much less the exact century or decade. We will refer, therefore, to the stage of human development, as humans understand these stages. This is to say, the human understanding is spotty. They have some of the pieces, but not all. They are still looking for the missing link, for instance, and arguing among themselves as to whether there was one origin, Africa, or numerous origins. There were numerous origins. Each race, and there have been six, has had a different origin. We were involved as observers from the start. We have been around, as visitors, continuously since that time, responding to The Call as it occurred.

The Earth has been visited by many alien groups since mankind's earliest stages, long before mankind was genetically engineered into intelligence, its present form. The marks left on human culture are so extensive as to preclude a list. Some of these influences are well known, in Egyptian and ancient Sumerian culture, or the Vedic writings, where visits from the 3rd Density hominoids from the 12th Planet left their mark, and holy books such as the Bible and Koran, a battleground between the original Service-to-Others authors and later Service-to-Self additions. Less well known are the influences in China, where the geneticists creating China Man influenced the culture left behind. Quiet moments in the garden, respect for wisdom and each other, and appreciation of the little things in life such as the song of the bird, are such marks. Also little known is the American Indian culture, assumed to be self developed by the Indians as they lived, isolated from the greater world. The Indians are not so aware of what they call shape shifting without reason. Their myths of spirit forms met in the woods and their own flights are based on true encounters, where they went Out-Of-Body and afterwards could not forget.

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