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ZetaTalk: Contact with Children
Note: written on Jan 15, 1996

Those who are alarmed by the trends the Transformation is taking are particularly alarmed about what they term the abduction of children. Beyond the apprehension that something wretched might be happening to a vulnerable and impressionable child is a very different alarm - that we are getting them young and there is no way they can stop it. Cases where youngsters have been harmed by contact with aliens in the Service-to-Others orientation are nonexistent, nosebleeds and interrupted sleep notwithstanding. Those in the Service-to-Self are not allowed to affect the physical environment of a child, as given their nature they would surely attempt to maximize terror in those too young to have perspective. They are only allowed to answer The Call from a youngster on an intellectual basis - a conference.

From our perspective, as Service-to-Others visitors, contact with children is no different from contact with adults. We are essentially speaking to the entity, the spirit within. From our perspective, dealing with humans is to some degree like dealing with children anyway. Where the young human has not gained wisdom on how the world works, a frame of reference, they are vastly more open to see a situation for what it is. They don't wear blinders. They don't have preconceptions. They don't have a vested interest in the status quo.

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