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ZetaTalk: Tell Others
Note: written on Jul 15, 1995

Much is made in UFOlogy about differences, how aliens are different from humans - travel by different means, communicate by different means, nourish themselves by different means, procreate by different means. When do we hear about the similarities? Children are told, when first introduced to other little ones at nursery school, to remember and realize the similarities. Don't bonk Johnny on the head, his head hurts the same as yours did when you hit it on the table. Don't push Mary aside when lining up for cookies and milk break, she's hungry too. Similarities. When trying to reduce conflict between the sexes, the similarities are stressed. Yes, boys can engage in football without bruising like the girls do, but girls also learn teamwork from team sports, develop strong bones and muscles, get outside in the fresh air, and cherish their awards. Similarities.

The establishment, wishing to retain control, cannot be counted on to make this shift when educating the public to our presence. National leaders, wishing to keep the populace devoted, stress not the similarities between the nation and those across the borders, but the differences. Keep the guard up. Resist encroachment. And above all endure shortages and hardships without complaint, as the enemy is about to pounce. For Earthlings to become aware of the similarities between themselves and beings from outer space is for them to let down their guard, express an interest in communications, perhaps even extend an invitation. As the establishment cannot be counted on to encourage this, this type of education must be done on an individual level. As you say, education begins in the home.

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