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ZetaTalk: Confederation
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Confederation does not exist. The name itself implies voluntary membership, and this has been part of the ruse. Were this an ongoing ruse, we would not be able to explain this to you due to the Rules of Engagement. Your government, early on, wished to give the impression that alliances with aliens were possible, and likewise that some alien groups could be shut out. Under no circumstances did they wish for the populace to have the impression that they were being overrun by the alien presence or that they had no control over this matter. Of course, they do not have control, as control of contact is in the hands of each individual contactee or human who wishes to become a contactee. Nevertheless, talk of the Confederation is still being bandied about, and if one takes note, marks the speaker as one reluctant to accept the true nature of the alien presence.

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