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ZetaTalk: Possession
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

In possession a walk-in by a very high level entity in the Service-to-Self orientation has occurred, such that this is dramatically noticed by the other humans in the vicinity. They could not fail to take notice, as however aggressive and non-compliant the human was prior to the possession, the stance the possessed human now takes is a quantum leap higher. The human now challenges everyone, and any social exchange has become a war. Where the human formerly complied with some social norms, the possessed human now complies with none. They seem, thus, completely uncivilized and unsociable.

Stories about levitation and physically impossible feats during possession are greatly exaggerated, but where the entity taking possession has learned how to do levitation they will on occasion employ this during a possession. The issue of lettering raised on the skin is quite within the range of possibilities for the human body, but requires skill not yet acquired by Earth entities now in the 3rd Density. These tricks are used by the possessing entity to deflect attention from do-gooders pouring forth concern, but usually only heighten the resolve and attract even more determined do-gooders. The possession becomes a challenge, a wrestling match, and the possessing entity finds itself without rest.

There thus ensues a great flurry of activity where various authority figures try to reason with the possessed human, thinking they are still speaking to the one they knew. In truth, the human is in part the one they knew, but at the core is someone very different, the possessing entity from another world. When reason fails, forms of magic or witchcraft are tried, and we are here including Catholic exorcism. This is where the faith or conviction of those in authority, their orientation to give Service-to-Others, comes into play. Where this is successful in driving out the possessing entity and securing a return of the original incarnating entity it is because of two things.

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