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ZetaTalk: Star Wars
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Are humans attempting to preempt the coming cataclysms by developing a Star Wars shield? Yes. This is the reason for all the press during the past decade or so for a Star Wars shield. Was this shield to be against space ships invading from other galaxies? How could this be when the space ships can move into another density, and slide right past the shield. Was this shield to be against nuclear armed missiles directed toward the Americas? If one considers nuclear fallout, the scenario of a nuclear winter described so eloquently by a famous author, one understands that even nuclear weapons exploded in space harm the intended target and in most cases would cause more havoc than if allowed to localize.

Was this shield to be for the mass of hail stones that compose the tail of the giant comet, the 12th Planet, which sweeps the Earth during every passage and peppers the Earth here and there? The shield could not possibly knock out every tiny hail stone, as by shear numbers this would be impossible. If Star Wars is to protect the Earth from anything that can come down from the passage of Planet X, such as trash in its tail, large enough to cause impact damage and not burn up in the atmosphere, then they wholely forget that the atmosphere, and any satellites or Star Wars aparatus up there will be torn away and thrown out to space. But then, these folks are not listening to us.

What then is the unstated purpose of the Star Wars shield? The hope is that by putting up into the skies giant lasers, that the comet itself could be disabled by a direct hit. As this planet is massive, outweighing the Earth by several times, destruction would not be by physical means. The intention, and the hope, was to start some kind of chain reaction that could cause the planet to blow itself up. The means by which this would happen has not yet been established, but the Service-to-Self humans contemplating this wanted to get started anyway.

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