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ZetaTalk: MJ12
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. See MJ12 Demise in this Goverment section for most recent status.

Prior to Roswell, the vote of Earth regarding its future orientation was due, which is why the Service-to-Self engaged MJ12. They were attempting to bypass the rules, by making quick contact, an engagement, that could then continue after the Earth vote. The incident was one that should have resulted in subconscious contact only. But as incidents involving the Chupacabras have reported, many humans see aliens minding these beasts, and recall this in their conscious. This is because Service-to-Self aliens cannot multi-task well, and get distracted during contacts, so they let go of the control over humans that results in recording only in the subconscious. Thus, farmers remember seeing aliens chasing their Chupacabras, and the early military recalled seeing the Service-to-Self that were sent to influence them.

Since this breach had been made, the Service-to-Self took advantage of it to press forward, more being recorded in the conscious. As though, since the milk had been spilled, why sop it up! Thus, the Council of Worlds allowed the Service-to-Others to likewise make conscious contact during Roswell. It was deemed a fair exchange, and as the military intel was not about to influence the rest of the world, being secretive as they were, this was considered to be a delimited contact. Regarding MJ12, we, the Service-to-Others Zetas, can answer only in a limited manner. We are restrained because of a formal agreement with MJ12 as to revelation. Where the specifics of our agreement cannot be revealed, revelation of the fact of our agreement was never in the formal agreement. We can address the reasons for our, and other alien groups, contacting the United States government without addressing the format or structure of MJ12. The specifics of this structure is not a matter we are free to discuss. Suffice it to say that such a structure exists. As to the name, or nature, or reporting arrangement, or longevity of what such a structure is, we in general cannot say.

This is an animal in motion, which changes form. This is also an animal which is facing in different directions, depending on the moment one looks at it. This animal is undecided, being composed of many voices. This animal is basically, at its core, good at heart but unsure. Where this animal has many moods, and many facets, we, the Zetas, attempt to speak to all its moods and facets. The end result is still open. The jury is still out. We wish to reassure the populace, in that from our vantage point we have not found a close match between the Service-to-Self aliens and any government agencies or employees, not even the CIA. The CIA in the main is not in sympathy with the Service-to-Self, the origin of AIDS and other campaigns notwithstanding.

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