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ZetaTalk: Plan Tests
Note: written during the Feb 15, 2003 IRC Session

The elite are at a loss as to how to control the populace, and have had many plans on the drawing board or floated out for a text.

Grocery Clubs
One effort early on, which we warned about, was grocery clubs, where belonging to a club was supposed to give you discounts and provide you with food when or if shortages should occur. Since the crop shortages in the US and Europe did not reach the point of creating panic in the public, this plan was put aside as admitting that stores were low and about to affect food on the shelves would cause more problems. Nevertheless, crop shortages were worldwide, starting in the 2000 season, though unreported almost entirely, and starvation appeared in many areas not affected previously.
Work Camps
Another plan was to create work camps, to transfer strong workers there with job offers, and we have warned against this early on. This may still arise, but would be in response to workers unable to be supported by workman’s compensation, or government handouts, and to date this has been viewed as the least disruptive means of getting past mass layoffs in the populace, job losses. In other words, if the grocery club or work camp would raise more questions than it would resolve issues, the plan is not implemented.
Cling to Religion
Clearly, the Christian ultra-right supported by the Bush Administration has attempted to funnel the poor to the churches, which we mentioned in the Bush Plan write-up some time ago. They would close public schools, and send the students to church run private schools, despite evidence that inferior progress is made. This continues to be funded, but the evidence on progress reports has slowed this plan, so it has become in essence dead.
Terror Alerts
Now that the Shuttle Columbia has been torn apart in the skies, deflating thought of escape to space, and Mars probe problems were endless, the elite is thinking about how to survive with the populace. Since they cannot admit what they know, they are trying to package this in terms of terrorism. A recent alert had the public keeping 3 days supply of this or that, and taping up their windows with duct tape and plastic sheets. At the same time, of course, all should go to work normally, so opening the door negates the taping and securing of air flow, utterly illogical. As we mentioned, entertainment time is about to begin! Now the statement has been issued that the information the Homeland Security department was basing this on proved false. An embarrassment, as they were hoping the public would react like drones, buying tape and sealing windows, and none of this occurred!
Asteroid Attacks
We anticipate that asteroid attacks, about to pummel the Earth, will be used to remove the public from coastlines on occasion, or send them into their basements, or whatever. This will likewise be a test.
Food Shortages
Hoarding tests will occur, most likely, where threats of shortages are announced, as potentials, to see what occurs. Who stocks up, what kind of demands are made, and all this going into the computer as the crisis is announced as past, wrongfully called.
Certainly the public will be told to clear away from certain routes to be used by the elite for escape into their bunkers, long before this is needed. Military exercises, terrorism threats, or whatever will be the reason, and the security of those routes never quite removed.

What will occur in other countries, such as Australia or Britain or Canada or Russia? Translate this same nervousness, among the elite, into steps the elite might take in those countries. In Indonesia, blockades are likely to emerge early, with no tests for shortages bothered with, just repression. In Russia, they already deal with shortages, and have for decades, the public relying on the Black Market. Thus, in Russia, the tests might revolve around the low lands of Siberia, flooding occurring early in the pole shift process, with tests to see how the public will react if this threat is announced for some reason. Countries strongly controlled by religion will find the churches announcing what to do, and you can be sure this will revolve around going to the church or Mosque, not fleeing. The faithful will be encouraged to pray more, seek counsel more, spend more time in the security of holy places. To figure out what the elite may be planning to do, to misdirect the populace into areas where they will not block or interfere with the escape of the elite, put yourself in their shoes! What are their worries?

  1. that the public will figure out what is about to happen, thus any Earth changes will be camouflaged as something other than what they are.

  2. that the public will grab up supplies, or raid the supplies and storehouses of the elite, thus these are well hidden and any attempts of the public to go there would be countered by announcements of toxic substances in the area.

  3. that the public will block the roads, crowd them with their panic and demands, rioting, and thus secure routes will be put into place well ahead of when needed, on almost any excuse.

  4. that the public will quit their jobs, leave their posts, and prevent in essence the elite from having a cushy existence up until the end, thus the public will not be informed, even on the last day, with armed guards preventing any questions being put to them.

So for your locale, your country, your culture, put yourself in the place of the elite, and try to think like a self centered bastard, and you will have their plans before they are announced!

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