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Quake Blitz
Apr 10-11, 2005

Note 6 quakes of 6+ Richter quakes in a 24 hour period, around the world in Peru, Indonesia, and Japan!

11Apr2005 17:08:56.0 22.0S 170.5E 90 Mw=6.7 M*EMS LOYALTY ISLANDS REGION 0609
11Apr2005 14:54:05.8 7.2S 77.8W130 mb=6.3 M*GSR NORTHERN PERU 1626
11Apr2005 12:20:05.8 3.5S 145.9E 10 M =6.4 M*NEI NEAR N COAST OF NEW GUINEA1258
11Apr2005 06:11:10.6 2.1N 96.8E 33 mb=6.3 M*GSR NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONES0730
10Apr2005 22:22:15.3 35.6N 140.3E 37 M =6.0 M*NEI NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU,0434
10Apr2005 17:24:37.8 1.5S 99.8E 33 mb=6.3 M*GSR SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONES1804
Indonesia Hit With Another Strong EQ
April 11, 2005
A strong earthquake rattled Indonesia´s Sumatra island Monday, where thousands fled to high ground a day earlier after another powerful tremor triggered unfounded fears of a tsunami. Seismologists in Hong Kong said the 6.1-magnitude quake´s epicentre was about 270 kilometres from Medan in western Sumatra. On Sunday, thousands of people who left their homes in the west Sumatran city of Padang after a 6.8-magnitude quake and a series of smaller aftershocks. Seismologists predicted they would continue for several days. Hong Kong seismologists registered a 6.0-magnitude quake Sunday.