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Light Source
on July 13

Note from two sources, below, the Moon and Venus now aligned as expected with one another. Note that consistently the Moon is lit from beneath, like a Nike zwoop, where Venus is lit from the side. Since they are both lit by the Sun, presumably, what is the second light source creating this difference?

I'm sending some more taken this morning at around 04:50 July 13 and again on July 14. You can see a quarter moon higher up and Venus just below. Looking at Venus through binoculars it is quite impressive! It has never been so huge. There is a smaller star on the right which the cam doesn't show but it can be seen by the naked eye also.

Here are some new pics from this morning just after 6:00 AM EST. They´re not as great as the first pics because I got them just a little too late. They turn out best around 5:00 AM, but I really wanted to catch that crescent moon today.