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Peru Wobble

Cold in Peruvian Highlands is a Killer this Year
The United Nations is appealing to the international community to help hundreds of thousands of people, especially children, who face starvation and disease in Peru as a result of severe cold weather in the Andean nation. UNICEF said more than 80,000 families in Peru have been affected by the severe cold, which also has caused major losses of livestock. Thousands of llamas, sheep, and cows — whose meat, milk, and wool sustain the indigenous communities in Peru's Andean highlands — have frozen to death. Snowstorms in the area are said to have mostly tapered off, but freezing temperatures dropping to minus 22 degrees Celsius (-8 Fahrenheit) have persisted, causing many children and elderly people to contract pneumonia and bronchitis, according to Peruvian health officials. The Children’s Fund said the situation could worsen drastically in Peru, as the coldest winter temperatures usually occur in August or September.

The Earth wobble has Japan and Asia suffering extreme heat, getting more Sun, and logically on the opposite of the globe, in Peru, there should be less Sun and more cold, and there is!