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Coming Closer
on Aug 23

It is colossal, massive and gigantic. I am truly out of words!

Venus is definitely getting closer to us now [Aug 24]. It´s closer than last week as I´m looking at it with my

To me, it is getting bigger. I have been watching this for months now, and if it’s Venus or not, something is not right, it is getting way to big and bright. It is just above the tree lines on the
West Coast USA [Aug 24], in the eastern sky.

Venus does not do this every year. I have never seen it like this before [Aug 24] and I´m an
amateur astronomer. It is getting closer to us.

I don’t care what anyone says about Venus and her movements. I’ve watched the sky all my life. There has never been anything this huge hanging in the NE sky [Aug 25] in
Australia before, why suddenly is Venus appearing so large?

I have watched the night sky my whole life and Venus has never been so large [Aug 25]. Compared to last month it definitely is closer. I am starting to fear something is wrong.

I saw it at 5:15 AM [Aug 24] , I live in the
East Coast, for all I know it might be Venus but this thing is huge, it´s not even the brightness that got me it´s the size, why is this not mentioned in media outlets, the size is amazing.

I have never in my 68 years seen anything in the sky that looks like that. I have worked days, nights, come and go at all hours, and have never seen Venus look like that.

From here it looks like Nancy Lieder was right. Venus is not making a complete transit and is getting pushed back towards Earth. Venus is brighter every day.

Simple fact is I have often looked up at a nights sky and thought to myself oh look there´s Venus, but never has it looked this big and bright. For me [Aig 26] it´s doubled in size and brightness.

Compared to 2 weeks ago [Aug 26] Venus has gotten much brighter.