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Sun South Increasing
on Aug 25

I woke this morning [Aug 23] and noted that it was rather dark for 6:20 AM here in Kansas. There was a narrow band of blue skies just on/above the eastern horizon. I could see orange and knew the sun had risen. Boy was I wrong. A little while later, I was sitting on my couch and noticed an orange glow on the side of my garage and coming through he front door. It was odd so I got up to check it out. To my absolute surprise there was the sun peeking 3/4 risen through the break in the clouds right on the horizon. I glanced at the clock on the TV. It said 6:43 AM. I immediately went to get my Farmers Almanac because I just knew that something was wrong. Sure enough sunrise was published to occur at 6:01. That’s a 42 minute late sunrise!

Sunrise is late again in Kansas, 6:45 AM, my Farmers Almanac published times show it should have risen at 6:03. What I noticed significantly is the shift in location. Just 2 mornings again the sun was hitting my house at an angle shinning on the North side of my Garage. Today it is shinning directly through my front door. This is a significant shift south. At this rate it will be south in now time at all. Isn't it a little early for such a shift?

We were overcast here [Aug 23] in Wisconsin but at 5:45 AM it was barely in the twilight. I took this to be a very overcast sky, but wondered about it. WAY different than other days, yes. The Sun is rising in the East and setting almost due West, but when I can get the sunball exactly, it is about 8° both East and West too far to the North, still. However, the migration to the South has been very rapid, as earlier we have had the Sun in our North facing windows at sunrise. At this rate, we will be into a Winter mode quickly here!

After being too far to the North, I have watched sunsets here on the West Coast for 3 or 4 weeks now [Aug 24] move steadily South almost to the point of the Fall Equinox straight out West.

In my house the external walls are exactly oriented to North-South and the corner to East-West , so it is easy to make the comparisons of the position of the Sun [Aug 24] and the Moon at the hours in which they would be at these degrees. Note in Italy the Sun is too far south, also.