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Closer Still
on Aug 27

Yes it´s Venus and yes it is bigger again [Aug 29] than last week. It was supposed to be getting smaller and further away. This is not the case. Not only is it getting brighter every week, it is also getting biggger. No wonder people are noticing. In my whole life it has never been this big, and I´ve been watching the heavens for 40 years.

It looks like a mini moon here [Aug 28] in
California too.

Interesting how all the Gov sites make it look like it´s no big deal. I have been watching this planet a good many years myself, and what I see now is unbelievable! This morning [Aug 28] here in
Arizona I was out with my dogs about 4 AM, it is like a mini Moon.

I´ve watched it closely since June 8/04. Thru my
telescope Venus is still getting larger [Aug 28], not smaller as some say here. It is brighter and even larger so it looks like Venus is coming towards us, not away. I know what I am seeing and I believe my eyes.

I see venus every morning as I walk to work at 5 AM (weather permitting) and I can certainly say that it is the brightest that I have ever seen it. Bright enough [Aug 27] that workmates have commented on it.. And I am in central,
North Island of NZ.

I live in
NC and its due east from here. I have seen it from 5.00 AM to 6.30 AM [Aug 27]. Its about 7 to 9 times brighter than when it was at its closest a few months ago. You have not seen it this bright.