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South in El Paso
on Aug 31

I did not see sunrise today, Aug 31, in El Paso, however, shortly after the Sun was at Azi 75° and now, 08:20 hrs, about 90 minutes later it is at Azi 105°.

 This is too far SOUTH for the sunrise. Skymap expects the Sun to be at Azi 83°, a full 22° too far South! This is a strong and erratic wobble as reported in July.

As you know it has been dark of late when I wake at 6:20 AM here in Kansas, Sep 5. However, this morning it was not dark at all. It was well into twilight. How can it go from being light at 6:20, to no light, back to being twilight, unless there is something (wobble?) going on? I can't believe others in my area haven't noticed this.