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GOES Doumentation
on Sep 6

My first impression is chaos in the water vapor patterns that almost has a fractal nature to it´s spirals and streaming patterns. I don´t recall seeing such long streaming patterns before. The Earth´s climate sure appears to be churned-up. Why do you ask? What are you struck by that seems unusual?

What would cause a fractal appearance of clouds? A zig zag sort of effect? A wobble in the Earths rotation perhaps? If the Earth was wobbling, it would follow that vapour accumulation might be strongest near the equator, and that other vapor would be forced into columns?

This data is concrete evidence that the Earth may indeed be in a "wobble" at the present time. The looming consequences of this new Earth-state is anybody´s guess. Perhaps it does indeed point to an impending pole flip. Examine the data for yourself.