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Orion Offset

This morning, Sunday, Oct 10, 2004, at 0630, in El Paso, the middle star in Orion's belt was Azi 220°, Alt 60°. The above was with a protractor hand held just before dawn took away the view

Skymaps says Orions belt should be at Azi 180°, so WEST by 40° deg, and at Alt 57°, so is close on Alt. El Paso is where the Earth wobble puts the Sun South. This is in accordance with readings a month ago from El Paso, on Sep 14.

At 05:10 Sunday Oct 24 MDT in El Paso I went out to get paper. Using dome over El Paso as ref mid star of Orion belt Azi 220°, Alt 60°, Pleades was Azi 270°, Alt 70°.

Skymap expects Orion's Belt to be at Azi 165-170°, so very much WEST by 50° as has been the reports, Alt close at Alt 58. Plieades should have been at Azi 255°, Alt 70°, so again WEST by 15°.