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Wobble Reports
on Oct 23

Since yesterday [Oct 21] they're saying in weather reports here that it's ‘paradoxically warm’ (literally) these days in the entire Spain territory. At Madrid, for instance, we have now 22 - 24 ºC, though it rained yesterday. I can't help thinking about the recent Zetas' comments concerning more and more erratic weather patterns.

Note that the Earth wobble puts Spain in the Sun NORTH location, so warmer, and weather maps confirm this.

For Saturday [Oct 23] at 9:54 AM, the Sun was at Azi 120° Alt 40°.

Wisconsin is in the wobble change zone, so sunrise is reflecting the placement over the Atlantic where the N. Pole is tilted toward the Sun. Skymap expects Azi 135° and Alt 23°. Too HIGH and NORTH.

For Oct 24 at 17:45 in the evening, Sun was at Azi 245 Alt 5°. For Oct 25 at 7:50 AM, Sun was at Azi 107° Alt 5°.

Skymap expects Azi 252° Alt 5°, so NORTH by 6°. Skymap expects Azi 112° Alt 4°, so NORTH by 5° again.

I live in West LA, California and I live just off a street that is a one way blvd. to the beach just straight on. So I'm very familiar which way is West North East and South. I noticed something very shocking the light in the sky [Oct 20] was not coming from the West side at around 3,4 ish in the afternoon! There was like a Second Sun coming from the East. I just found it very odd that their truly appeared to be a Sun in the distance on the East side, when the West appeared dull where the Sun should be shining light.

The Earth wobble we have been documenting does put the Sun too far SOUTH for the West Coast, and as it archs over from East to West in the southern skies, it would perhaps have this appearance.

This morning [Oct 20] at 07:55, in El Paso (W106 25, N31 47), the sun had risen and was at Azi 120°. Like the Moon, the Sun is South now, or more correctly, El Paso is tilted so it is at Latitude N10° or there about. Suddenly a big tilt in the early AM.

Skymap expects Azi 110°, too far SOUTH by 10° due to the tilt of the N Pole away from the Sun for the N. American continent.

This morning, Saturday, 10-23-04,at 07:47 hrs MDT, in El Paso, the Sun was at Azi 115°, Alt 15°, bright clear sky. At 16:35 hrs the Sun was at Azi 222, Alt 47.

Skymap says the Sun is not up yet! Sunrise is at 8:20 at Azi 103° Alt 0°. So Sun EARLY and SOUTH for sunrise. For sunset or late afternoon, Skymap expects Azi 228° Alt 32°, so a tad SOUTH and HIGH, as at sunset the wobble is already moving to tilt the N. Pole back toward the Sun.