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SCP Wobble
Dec 16, 2004

The Figure 8 of the Polar Wobble, observed form Australia during the course of a day and night!

Last night [Dec 16] my 7:45 PM shadow mark was virtually stationary in comparison to the previous day's mark; it was 1/8" to the right (suggesting a slight to nil northward movement of the Sun). From 7:45 to 'treetop sunset' I would hazard to say the Earth moved, because my 'treetop' sunset suddenly seemed further south. Whenever I can, I check this sort of 'jump' with the SCP later in the evening; I assumed by this apparent sunset 'jump' I would observe the SCP to be to the left of my Terrestrial target.

About 9:30 PM, and using the hand-span method, the SCP appeared to be about 20 degrees higher off the horizon, AND about 15 degrees to the LEFT of my Terrestrial target (which is suggesting what sunset did, to wit, Earth had moved to the right).

This morning I'm up at 3:15AM and the skies are crystal clear, I can even see Sigma Octantis (which is the SCP when it can be seen) it's measured 25 degrees higher off the horizon AND it's
to the RIGHT of my Terrestrial target this morning at 3:30 AM.

Observing the zodiac in this morning's skies I see Taurus/Celestial Equator
further north than I can ever remember. In theory this should be compatible with an Earth that is 'sinking' and comfirmed by the SCP higher off the horizon. Yes?