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Sigma Octantis Wobble

This report from Australia does not give absolute degree of movement, but suggests that it is more than has been recorded for Polaris.This observer also notices the Figure 8 motion over the 24 hours period, based not only on the constellations but also the Moon and Sun.

Dec 22: Today observing Sigma Octantis. The position of Sigma Octantis on the evening of Dec 22 appears to suggest Earth is moved toward the setting Sun.

Dec 25 I'm glad, in a sense, that someone else is observing Polaris having moved. That there seems to be a difference in Polaris' movement and Sigma Octantis' movement is suggestive (to me) that there is a pivot point for sway not through Earth's equator, but higher, perhaps through the Earth at the 70° Nth parallel or lattitude. If true, this might explain why Polaris moves less than Sigma Octantis. I observed the near-Full Moon to be setting in the NW early this morning at 4:00 AM this Dec 25. And Sigma Octantis at 4:00 AM seemed to the right of my terrestrial target, suggesting Earth was moving to the left. When this happens the rising Sun often later appears southward.