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SWAN Returns

The Sun rotates every 4 weeks, so any solar flares or sun spots would move during the course of several weeks, and would not appear stationary on SWAN. In November a bright orb close to the Ecliptic, stationary showed up in the SWAN images available. The Zetas have said that the Planet X corpus, heavily shrouded in dust, reflects light back toward the Sun in the main, and this view is toward the rear and slightly to the side. Is this the reflected light from Planet X, bounced back toward the Sun, of the stationary Planet X which has risen to the Ecliptic, as the Zetas say? No further updates from SWAN were received after the ZetaTalk site noted this on Nov 25, and updating of the SWAN archives did not occur until well into January. The stationary backlit orb, though perhaps now heavily air brushed out, is still there.