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Visually Obvious
Jan 22-27, 2005

During the last week of January, observers all over the world noted the Moon standing still of shifting from the right to left in rapid succession, the Sun dropping to the horizon directly for a short period of time rather than following the Ecliptic slant, the Moon face changing its angle dramatically in a short time, the SCP suddenly being several degrees off from expected, and twilight coming over an hour early for just one day. These reports are accompanied by a sudden climate switch for Europe, which has had extraordinary warmth without snow and ice but is suddenly plunged into Winter.

El Paso, Jan 22-23
The moon has shown Geminus at the 1 o’clock, then it backed up to the 11:45 o’clock position for two days and tonight, Sunday, Jan 23 at 17:30 Sunset at Azi 260 with full moon at Azi 65, Alt 30, Geminus is at 11:45 o’clock position. Now, at 23:45, Geminus is in the 3 o’clock position. Six hours and a 45 degree shift. Last night, Jan 22, at 21:30 Geminus was at the 11:45 o’clock position so, apparently, the wobble is taking place from 22:00 to 24:00. If I did not need some sleep, I would watch the movement.
Australia, Jan 23
It looks as if the earths rotation stalled for a while on Sunday evening whilst Alt continued to decrease. Did it tip at this point whilst being held in position?
Jan 23 Sunset 6:05 PM Azi 255° Alt 35-40°
[Skymap expects Azi 267° Alt 38°] SOUTH by 12°.
Jan 23 Sunset 7:00 PM Azi 255° Alt 25° (Azi Stalled)
[Skymap expects Azi 258° Alt 18°] HIGH by 7°.
Jan 23 Sunset 8:10 PM Azi 235° Alt 5-8°
[Skymap expects Azi 249° Alt 5°] SOUTH by 14°
Spain, Jan 24
Just to inform you that this week is supposed to be very cold, as the Spanish forecast service has said. Suddenly a polar air front is coming, with temperatures 10 -15 below zero, something unusual for some Sanish lands. It's due to the Earth wobbling, without doubt. [Note that Europe has been under a heat wave up until now, no snow in Sweden, ice melting on the rivers and ponds, etc.This is a sudden change.]
Mississippi, Jan 25
The moon Friday and Saturday night stood still directly overhead for an hour. Last night (Sunday) it slowed but kept moving. Maybe the wobble was such that X couldn't get a good grip on the Atlantic rift? razy-ass weather too. Low here last night was 24, high today 54, high tomorrow projected at 76. And this is January.
Arkansas, Jan 25-26
I live near Mena Arkansas.On Jan 24, 2005, first light was around 5:30 AM and on Jan 26 2005 first light was around 6:30 AM. A week ago, I got a real strong impression that I needed to build a underground bunker immediately to protect us from an up and coming firestorm. I would say the wobble is getting worse. Note: For Mena, AR Skymap expects the Sun to rise at 8:15 AM, and twilight is expected only a half hour ahead of the rising Sun. Light at 5:30 AM is extraordinarily early!
Australia, Jan 27
Observations of the position of the SCP [Southern Celestrial Pole] the past few days [Jan 27] has been one of stability. This morning Sigma Octantis appeared ten degrees left of a terrestrial target suggesting Earth´s South Pole axis was moved to the right AWAY from the rising Sun.
New York, Jan 27
I was staring at the night sky straight at the moon. Tell me if I was seeing things, but I could swear that I saw the moon quickly shift to the left and back to its original position. My heart skipped a beat.