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Constellations Offset

Note per the Figure 8 wobble, at 22:00 in El Paso, the Sun is over Australia, where the Sunset finds the Sun too far SOUTH, thus the globe is tilted such that El Paso would find the constellations NORTH.

On 01-28-05, in El Paso, at 22:00 hours:

Orion belt mid star was Azi 200, Alt 70 [Skymap expects Azi 175 Alt 57] Orion NORTH by 25 and HIGH by 13.
Pleiades was Azi 290, Alt 70 [Skymap expects Azi 267 Alt 68] Pleiades NORTH by 23.
Ursa Majr handle was point down at Azi 45 [Skymap expects Azi 35] NORTH by 10.