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Fountain Change
Feb 13, 2005

Signs of the Times #1336
This is a little fountain. Water on the base is pumped to the top where a crystal sphere rotates all day. When I bought it in January 2005 its rotation was clockwise or like the planets from East to West. Now at the beginning of February [Feb 13] it stopped this direction and it rotates counter-clockwise North to South. [and from another source] Spin on the surface of the Earth reflects what is occurring in the core of the Earth. [Note: vintage ZetaTalk: Spin, written January 1997] The Earth’s crust is in an equilibrium with the normal magma surges driving the rotation. Now things have changed, and this change will accelerate. [Note: recent ZetaTalk: Magma Slam, written December 2004] We have explained in our Science section, Spin, that objects on the surface are affected by the magma under the surface, and also in the recent Magma Slam, that due to the polar wobble and the Earth simultaneous desire to rotate in the old direction while being tipped to its side so rotation is forced into a new direction, there are magma surges that collide and have voids under the surface. Your fountain is reflecting this, and the recent change is due to the globe falling over on its side, so rotation of the magma is essentially North to South, not East to West, a personal proof that this is occurring! [Note: a personal note from the Zetas on the fountain phenomena!]