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Ursa Major High and Offset
April, 2005

April 5
Skymap expects Ursa Major cup lip star to be Azi 15° Alt 58°, so this reading puts it WEST by 10° and HIGH by 27°. The altitude is comparable to Mar 31 when it was found at Alt 30°, but the shift to the left, to the South, has increased. This is appropriate for a globe in the December orbit position, with the N. Pole tilted toward the Sun, when compared to Skymap for an Apr 5 date.
At 23:00 hrs, Tuesday night [Apr 5] Ursa Major cup lip star was Azi 5°, Alt 85°. Constellation in dome high Northeast quadrant.
El Paso

Apr 9
Skymap expects Ursa Major to be spread between Azi 0-28, handle down. NE Quadrant is Azi 45. WEST by 30.
Saturday night [Apr 9] at 21:00 MDT Ursa Major was near dome in northeast quadrant.
El Paso

Skymap expects Orion to be spread from from Azi 234-260, mid-star of Belt at 243, not West at Azi 270
WEST by 27.

Saturday night [Apr 9] at 21:00 MDT, Orion was standing above Franklins West of El Paso.