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Polaris Skewed

Polaris has moved substantially to the right of where it was 2 weeks ago.

I know this for a fact because I have a laser permanently attached with 3 inch screws to a 10 foot railroad tie. The first 4 feet of the tie are buried in the ground.....The laser ain't movin'! LOL!

Polaris, however, is! My guess is that it has moved at least 3 to 4 degrees to the left, (east) from the position it was in when I re-sighted it with the laser two weeks back.

Now, check THIS out! The sun has been coming up in the East pretty much where it is supposed to be. (moving North one degree or so per day)

Equinox was 34 days ago and after adjustments for magnetic declination, (17 degrees at my location, and 1 degree for zero horizon, it is pretty much on track....BUT...The sun is setting nearly 16 degrees too far South! Same math applies, but when you run the numbers, the sun just crossed the line of magnetic west 3 days ago. She's WAY off and too far South at sunset.

What I suspect is happening is that something is pulling the planet at a cockeyed angle from the Southern hemisphere.

The North pole is staying relatively in place, but the pull on the South pole is skewing the bottom half of the planet out from under itself and sideways to the West. It's kind of comparable to holding on to a rope while your feet slip sideways on ice.

This then causes the sun to rise in the right position but to set too far South. The pull on the South pole is strong enough to cause the North pole to move east by a few degrees, but the gyroscopic effect of the earth's spin is resisting the magnetic attraction that is pulling on the South pole. The end result is that the out of place appearance of Stars, etc., should appear to be much greater in the southern hemisphere than it is in the North. Any way you try to cut it, the Earth is not performing the way it should. A sideways skew that is gradually worsening may be the reason. I have had to re-sight my laser 3 times in the last 6 weeks. Each time I had to adjust it to the right (east) by at least 2 degrees. This time I may have to resight it 3 or 4 degrees East!
-Cliff, April 27
Polaris (Earth) is still wobbling here in Seattle! To the left. I check it every night with the laser and I know the readings are correct. In the last two weeks the wobble has again increased markedly!
-Cliff, May 31