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SWAN Showing Centered Planet X

Previously, in April 2005 the wafting tail of Planet X showed above the Ecliptic in the backlight against the sky photographed by SWAN. In May, this disappeared. There are several possibilities.

  1. WE, the Earth, may be dipping under or above the Ecliptic, so our view of Planet X and it's tail is changing.

  2. We may be seeing part of the tail, moon swirls, not the Planet X corpus itself, in SWAN at times, and the tail moves about more than the corpus does. I think the April view was of the tail.

  3. Planet X and it's tail may be positioned so exactly in front of the Sun that the Sun blocks the backlit view, which would be expected.

SWAN doesn't shows anymore some shades of Planet X. The last image is May 10. In last months we have seen Planet X standing in the inferior part of the ecliptic, then it moved and crossed the ecliptic and climbed aloft, but in the images of SWAN we can see that the position has begun to go down again toward the ecliptic.