Tides Confirm
May 22, 2005
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Rumor Mill

Tide Predictions, Hempstead Bay, Bellmore Creek: 40^, 38' 59.90" N, by 73^,31' 3. 56" W.

I had an unusual chance today to verify the "tidal predictions" as provided by NOOA. There was no wind, full moon is tomorrow, and I think I got the high tide within 5 minutes. Their predictions are "off by an hour and 45 minutes", and by 2-3 feet of tidal range. High tide in Bellmore Creek was at 7:25 PM, not 9:10 PM, And was at least 5.0 feet at low tide, not the 2.5 feet as predicted.

This is not really news as their predictions have been really bad for at least a year, but then these "moon problems" have been going on for quite a while. If the moon observations as reported by others were correct, then there had to be tidal changes of a significant magnitude.