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Cassiopeia Extreme
Jun 4, 2005

Cassiopeia should be between Azi 358-13 Alt 0-5, so is WEST 60 and HIGH at 23:00. Cassiopeia should be between Azi 26-40 Alt 20-30, so once again WEST 80 and LOW at 4:00 AM. The Big Dipper, Ursa Major, should be well above the horizon, 14-33°, fully visible, but is gone.

At 23:00 Cassiopeia has been between Azi 290-300 and Alt 15-20 recently. On June 4 at 4:00 AM Sunday, after three hours Earth rotation, Cassiopeia was strung out between Azi 310-320 and Alt 15-20 and Dipper was not visible (maybe due to a horizon haze).
El Paso