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Moon Erratic
December 15, 2008

Dec 12, 2008, posted on
About two weeks ago, the moon was rising and crossing the sky from the southeast to the southwest. I observed this from my windows that face to the south. Living in a rural area in the midwest, there's not many trees or such to obstruct my view. Earlier this week, I noticed the moon rising and crossing the sky from the northeast to the northwest, almost directly overhead. I no longer can see it from my windows. I took astronomy years ago but for the life of me, I cannot determine exactly how much a degree difference the moon's path has moved. A rough estimate would be so far off base, I won't even insult our readers' intelligence. Maybe I'm imagining things but I'm fairly certain of my observation. Is anyone else noticing this, too?
I was thinking that last night at 3am when the moon woke me up coming thru a window that it normally doesn't. Something is different.
Dec 13, 2008, via email from Wisconsin
The news has shown a large moon over Fayetteville N.C. Last nights moon was suppose to be much larger then normal.Yet I watched the moon come up and watched it off and on all night and it was the smallest that I have seen in a long time. I have seen it that small only a few times in my life. Another strange thing is that it rose almost straight up from the horizon straight to zenith. Usually it arcs across the sky at an angle dipping southward. The question is, are they lying to us about the size of the moons appearance? Or is it actually only that small size here in Wisconsin? Or did something go wrong with the moons orbit again and they are covering it up?
Dec 15, 2008, via email from Texas
My son heard a reference to the moon's orbit wobbling on the local news.
Dec 23, 2008 on STA forum
I see this too, but not on any kind of intellectual level. I like to go out and sit by a fire at night (Not drinking either) - Sometimes I look up and the moon is so out of place it instincutally frightens me. If you pay attention to anything specifically it just becomes habit. It's as obvious to me as if my car were suddenly missing from the driveway. What I find stranger than it being out of place, is how quickly it returns to where it should be.
Dec 22, 2008, via email
I note that I looked out my front window at about three am on Monday morning and the moon was about five degrees on the west side of center for me, but about two hours later it was a few degrees on the east side of center.. so it moved from west to east.