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Feb 6 Sweep

I started tracking the Moon here over El Paso at 1830 hrs MST Feb 5. It was full and located Altitude 30 D and Azimuth 25 D at that time. USNODS had the moon at Alt 14.1 D and Azi at 73.5 D, so moon was 75 min early. Navy had transit at 1223 on Feb 5, but it did not happen until 0115 hrs Feb 6 when moon was at 98/185, a diff of 22/32 d. At 0400 my readings were 68/260 and at 0600 hrs 30/265, Moonset was at 0652 behind a peak with Alt 30 Azi 280. Last nite, Friday/Saturday moon was still full.
Just an observation of where the moon rises on our eastern horizon. On Feb 7, it rose up on the horizon at 45 degrees and now Feb 9, it just rose at 76 degrees and a time of 10:07 pm PST. The time is some what a puzzle too, on the 7th it was around 8:30 when the moon rose. We watch it from our hot tub.
Feb 9 the moon came up due east here in Missouri.